Monday, September 25, 2006

The Little Blessings

The Lord never fails to shower us with his blessings. Sometimes these blessings are hard to see, sometimes they are everywhere you look. Today was one of those everywhere you look days, at least once I arrived home from work. I walked in the door and my children greeted me with glad tidings, and my oldest son Ben wanted me to go out and play badminton with him. Did I mention that I was really tired and the couch was calling? The couch could wait, my son couldn't. Besides it was a beautiful crisp Minnesota fall day - how could I say no? My other three children came along excitedly once they caught wind of the badminton match. What fun!

The sun was illuminating the woods behind where we were playing, making for a nice view. The dogs were chasing each other, wanting the same piece of rawhide, having a grand time. What a perfect day. My thoughts of the couch receeded with the energy from the kids infecting me, and we had a great time playing.

We wrapped up the day with our normal Evening Prayers and a Bible reading, which is a fitting close to any day. The Lord blesses us richly. He gives us everything.

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Not Alone +++ PAS said...

Dear Ron,

Thank you for your post on "The Little Blessings." I came accross your blog as the result of a curiosity on my part regarding what I would find if I "Googled" my name. Your blog showed up in the listing, so I checked it out.

There at the top of the page I found a quote from something that I must have written at least a year ago. It was a little blessing to read it and to know that someone benefited from it. Thank you for that little blessing. It was encouraging to me to see it.

I am new to this blogging phenomenon and am not sure what to make of it. I wanted to E-mail you, but no reference was available to your e-dress. So I am greeting you here. I hope that this is appropriate use of your blog.

I would be happy to share my e-dress and the web site, but I'm not certain that is appropriate on this forum. So for now, I'll simply say "thank you" and that I'm glad to make your acqaintance even in this anonymous manner.

Peace to you in Christ Jesus.